Beautiful Eyes

Eyes are a vital part of your look. I can get your brows, lashes, liner, mascara and colouring just right...

Eyes are my specialty. I have seen some bad eyebrows over the years! It’s heartbreaking to see a bride on her big day upset due to over-plucked/uneven eyebrows. A bad shape can throw the balance off of your whole face. At the same time, a well shaped pair of brows can slim down a wide nose and /or jaw line, they can frame a beautifully made up pair of eyes, balance out a big eyelid, a deep set eye. What I hear the most is that they can knock years off, especially when a brow has been over plucked.

On the day, your brows will look groomed; frame your eyes without looking drawn on or heavy.

When it comes to lashes, I can create what's right for you, whether it's a more natural-looking lash or a more dramatic look. To achieve a fuller look, I know all the tricks if you happen to have short lashes, or perhaps long but sparse lashes. I know how to make a woman's eyes appear bigger by applying a couple of flares in the center of the lashes and top off with a coat of mascara.

For details and prices of the Eye services we offer see our packages and prices page.

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